Global Nomads Group

Fostering dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth

By leveraging technology, we enable conversations between middle school and high school students who otherwise would not meet. These exchanges promote empathy, peace, and build 21st century workforce skills. Bridging culture gaps and shattering misconceptions, we work at the intersection of cultural exchange, international education, and conflict resolution. Learn more at

Where We Work

Since 1998 we have reached approximately one million young people on all 7 continents. Each year, the regions in which we work vary slightly as we seek to expand our programs, reach a greater diversity of young people, and provide opportunities to connect youth.

GNG: Where We Work

Why Virtual Exchange

Today less than 3% of young people travel during their academic career, but technology allows us to connect cultures and communities we may otherwise never encounter. Virtual exchanges are technology-based education programs that foster people-to-people interactions, despite physical location. GNG programs use interactive videoconferencing, online collaboration platforms, project-based curricula, and virtual reality.

We are storytellers. We uncover untold truths. We are explorers. We break down barriers. We are citizens of the world. We go where others don’t. We are Global Nomads.